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GMC Introduces Sierra 1500 AT4 All Mountain Concept Vehicle

Sierra 1500 AT4 All Mountain

GMC vehicles are renowned for their ruggedness and impressive capabilities. That’s why the Sierra 1500 was the perfect starting point for one of the automaker’s most striking concept trucks.

GMC showed off the Sierra 1500 AT4 All Mountain concept at the recent Calgary Stampede event. This is a GMC model built for climbing mountains in treacherous conditions. It was equipped with a special set of Mattracks to replace its traditional tires — a modification that helps it navigate snowy terrain.

Powering the Sierra 1500 AT4 All Mountain concept is a 6.2-liter V8 engine. This reliable powertrain helps the custom concept vehicle deliver 240 horsepower and an impressive 480 lb-ft of torque.

The aggressive front grille boasts LED lighting and powerful headlights that can illuminate even the darkest mountain trails. For better ground clearance, this model even has a custom eight-inch lift, making this concept iteration of the GMC Sierra 1500 a fair bit taller than a traditional GMC Sierra pickup truck.

The GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 All Mountain concept vehicle isn’t currently available for purchase. Still, if you need a mass-market truck that you can rely on to get the job done, be sure to check out our lineup of GMC Sierra 1500 models when you visit Richard Karr Motors.