The 2016 Touring 6 Design: Extending the CT6 Range

Cadillac is expanding its range with the new 2016 Cadillac Touring 6 sedan, which will begin production in January. The first-ever Cadillac CT6 makes use of some innovative new features to let it outshine the competition.

According to Cadillac, the 2016 Touring 6 design will feature a sleek exterior that’s both aerodynamic and stylish. Emphasizing agility and luxury, this high-performance sedan will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It also has a lightweight architecture to increase handling, performance, and fuel economy.

“The CT6 is an entirely new approach to prestige luxury, adding driving dynamics and technology while reducing the bulk of traditional large sedans,” said Johan de Nysschen, president of Cadillac. “With the CT6, Cadillac has a competitive edge: our use of advanced lightweight construction and innovative technology, it is prestige luxury reimagined.”

The CT6 will comes with three main engines: a 2.0-liter Turbo, a 3.6-liter V6 (with AWD), and a Twin Turbo V6 (with AWD). It will start as low as $53,495. We can’t wait to see it on the road.

Cadillac Escalade’s New Trim Rumors

Escalade’s New Trim

There’s no higher level of luxury than the Cadillac Escalade. The level of luxury offered has gradually increased with each trim that’s made its way onto the lineup over the years. Now Cadillac could be looking to challenge European luxury SUVs with a new trim. Make way for a model higher than the already luxurious Platinum!

The current Escalade comes in at $96,940 at its most expensive and the automaker may be looking to break six digits. The Escalade’s new trim would likely challenge European luxury SUVs the likes of Aston Martin, Maserati, and Land Rover.

As European automakers continue to increase the amount of luxury and price tags on their SUVs, there’s room for an American challenger to steal the show. Just how Cadillac will top its current Platinum trim is the question.

Packing in more luxury would be tough, but it isn’t out of the question. Cadillac could also pump out a more powerful, performance Escalade V or Vsport. General Motors isn’t exactly shy about loading in more powerful engines.

The likely contender for a more powerful engine in the Escalade would be the LT4 V8 from the Corvette Z06. That engine’s certainly capable enough, running in at 650 hp, but what’s to come is yet to be revealed.

We here at Richard Karr Motors can’t wait to see the level of luxury the newest Escalade Trim will bring!

How to Easily Jump a Dead Battery

Easily Jump a Dead Battery

Calling for roadside assistance to jump your dead battery is easy but not always efficient. Knowing how to jump a dead battery could get you on the road sooner than than roadside assistance could reach you. You could also help someone else out of a tough situation. We here at Richard Karr Motors can help you easily jump a dead battery!

  • Start by inspecting the batteries. Bulges, cracks, and leaks are a no-go.
  • If everything looks good, identify the positive (red) and negative (black) terminals of each battery. Do the same for your set of jumper cables.
  • Attach one end of the positive (red) jumper cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Next, attach the other end to the live battery’s positive terminal.
  • The first end of the negative (black) cable attaches to the live battery’s negative terminal.
  • Attach the other end of the cable to a section of unpainted metal beneath the hood. Avoid the battery itself. Look for a jumping post or unpainted engine bolts instead.
  • If everything is secure, start the car with the live battery and let it idle for a few minutes.
  • Start the car with the dead battery. If it turns over, let both vehicles idle for a few minutes before disconnecting. If it doesn’t, call for help or wait a few minutes longer and try again.

To disconnect the cables, remove them in the opposite order you attached them.

Easy and Basic Dog Hair Cleaning Tips for the Inside of Your Car


Dog Hair Cleaning TipsYour dog may love its trips in the car, but it’s less than likely that you’re loving all that dog hair trapped in the seats. So, in honor of National Dog Week, we offer you these dog hair cleaning tips for cars:

  • Prevention is the best solution here, so be sure to keep your seats covered with a sturdy, washable tarp before bringing in the pooch.
  • A basic kitchen rubber glove can be a great tool for removing dog hair; all you have to do is rub the upholstery until the hair combines into larger clumps.
  • Another, slightly more surprising, household object that could help you out is a balloon. Inflate the balloon and use the force of static electricity to make the hair stand right up.
  • Lastly, Velcro hair curlers are a classic for a reason, easily picking out all the hair you are targeting.

How do you keep your vehicle dog-hair-free? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

New 2017 Buick LaCrosse Picture Leak Gives Unobstructed View

2017 Buick LaCrosse PictureSpy shots of have been captured of the upcoming 2017 Buick LaCrosse, which isn’t scheduled to get its official release until next year. Best of all, the vehicle in the image isn’t even camouflaged.

The picture, which you can check out here, shows that the 2017 LaCrosse is quite different from its predecessor, and looks a lot like Buick’s innovative new Avenir concept.

We do know that the 2017 LaCrosse will be larger than before, stretched over a E2XX platform, while at the same time, the vehicle will weigh less. This is almost certainly means that the new model will have better fuel efficiency.

With this image already out to the public, hopefully Buick will grant fans an official picture of the vehicle. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about an existing Buick vehicle, visit us at Richard Karr Motors.

What do you think of the 2017 Buick LaCrosse picture leak? Let us know in the comments.

Buick Announces 24 Hours of Happiness Promotion

Sometimes drivers experience love at first sight, and other times they need time to get to know their new car. Fortunately, Buick is giving prospective buyers all the time they need with the brand’s new 24 Hours of Happiness promotion, which allows shoppers to take a car home for 24 hours to truly get a feel for it.

According to a recent survey, 88% of car buyers won’t purchase a new car without test driving it first, and a majority of them wanted less pressure while taking their vehicle for a test spin. The “24 Hours of Happiness” promotion is designed to reduce that stress and increase joy.

“From the refined and sculptural design of our vehicles, to the environment of our showrooms, to our award-winning customer service, happiness and a sense of well-being are inherent in everything we do,” said Buick executive Duncan Aldred.

Buick’s also encouraging drivers to actively increase their happiness, through everything from in-car fragrance recipes to yoga instructions. In a new video, Israeli model, television host, actress and businesswoman Bar Refaeli demonstrates some of the yoga poses you can do with the new Buick Verano during your happiness-filled 24 hour test drive. Take a look for yourself:

Don Draper’s Cadillac Coupe DeVille from Mad Men Auctioned Off

Although he wasn’t exactly Father of the Year, Mad Men character Don Draper did epitomize cool, from his rakish good looks, to his commanding boardroom presence, to his impeccable taste in cars. Is it any wonder he drove a Caddy?

In the last few seasons of the acclaimed AMC drama, Don (played by Jon Hamm) drove a gorgeous silver 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Recently, the classic car used in the show was auctioned off on Screenbid along with over 1,000 other props from the show. Everything from Don’s magazine rack (which sold for $850) to Roger Sterling’s electric razor (a steal at $200) was purchased by the show’s super-fans.

The true big-ticket item, though, was the DeVille, which ended up selling for $48,980 ($39,500 for the car, plus a 24% commission for auction host Screenbid). That’s more than three times what an average 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille is valued at ($13,000), so obviously being driven by Don Draper (or Jon Hamm) has increased the vehicle’s value exponentially in the eyes of some fans.

Looking for a Cadillac that still oozes sophisticated cool, but features some more modern amenities? Check out our current lineup here at Richard Karr Motors.

Apple CarPlay Capability Added to Buick and GMC Vehicles

Apple CarPlay capability will be making its way to some new 2016 Buick and GMC models! The new technology will improve driver-car integration and safety because you will no longer be tempted to use a cell phone while driving.

The new technology will be available in 2016 Buick Regal and LaCrosse models, as well as the 2016 GMC Canyon, Yukon and Sierra. Apple CarPlay will run though the IntelliLink system set up in each car, allowing the drivers to have their smartphone features on the touchscreen interface.

Duncan Aldred, Vice President of Buick and GMC Sales & Marketing, said, “Buick understands the importance of connectivity integration in everyday life and this new connection technology provides drivers with a smart and simple way to have all the conveniences of their mobile devices safely at their fingertips.”

If you want more information about the upcoming technology, visit us at Richard Karr Motors. We’d also love to hear what you think about Apple CarPlay, so be sure to tell us in a comment below!

New Cadillac XT5 Revealed

New Cadillac XT5

The new Cadillac XT5 has officially been spotted! Images have surfaced of the new Cadillac completely uncovered, giving us great insight as to what we can look forward to. The new model will be replacing the SRX in the Cadillac lineup.

The design of the new XT5 is similar to what we’ve seen on the Escalade, CTS, and soon to be released, CT6. However, it is unique and will offer a different aesthetic that will fit seamlessly into the lineup. The XT5 features a large, egg-crate grille, dramatic headlights that are similar to the CT-6’s, and LED accents on the outside of the headlights.

The back of the new vehicle doesn’t look as prominent as the front; however, its curved taillights, sleek lines, and twin tailpipes are very pleasing to the eye.

We don’t have confirmation as to when the vehicle will be available, or where we will see it next, but we certainly are excited to get a good first look at it. Stay tuned to our blog and we’ll let you know more about the Cadillac XT5 as information is released.

New Cadillac CTS-V Features Plenty of Power for the Price

Cadillac CTS-V Features

If you’re looking for the perfect new luxury sports car to carry you around in style and comfort and impress the hell out of anyone you pass, you’re looking for the new Cadillac CTS-V. The CTS-V, which will be here in our inventory sometime this summer, has been redesigned for the 2016 model, and the Cadillac design team’s work definitely paid off.

The new CTS-V looks very muscular and aggressive, ready to take on any driving challenge you might have for it. Plus, it has a 6.2-liter V8 engine sitting under the hood. That gigantic engine is capable of gigantic numbers, too; it gets up to 640 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque, both huge upgrades over the previous model. Also, the Cadillac CTS-V features Magnetic Ride Control, Brembo brakes, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, and more.

“The new CTS-V is the most compelling example of Cadillac’s product substance and brand trajectory. The new CTS-V soars into the stratosphere of the most exhilarating luxury cars,” Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac President, said. “The new CTS-V is essentially two cars in one: a luxury sedan with sophisticated road manners and a track-capable sports car with awe-inspiring performance.”

The CTS-V knows that you’ll want to relive your achievements behind the wheel over and over, and so it comes with the Performance Data Recorder system first introduced on the Corvette. Come see us at Richard Karr Motors to learn more today.