Thanksgiving Driving Tips: Staying Safe During the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holidays of the year, especially when it comes to travelling. That’s why we here at Richard Karr Motors have put together a list of Thanksgiving driving tips to help you make the most of you holiday. From transporting food to staying safe, there are several things to keep in mind.

According to the Huffington Post, one of the best tips to remember is to plan your trips carefully. Traffic tends to be the worst on Sunday afternoons—be sure to read ahead on traffic updates leading up to the holiday. You should also plan trips when you are most awake. Driving between midnight and 6am is a high-risk situation—try to drive during the late morning or afternoon if possible.

Thanksgiving Driving Tips Are Easy If You're Behind The Wheel Of A BuickAlways be sure to buckle up, especially on long trips. You should fasten your seatbelt every time you get behind the wheel, because buckling can reduce the risk of fatal injury by up to 45%. If you have a car seat, make sure that it fits properly. Children under two should be in a rear-facing seat, and anyone under 12 should likely use a safety seat of some kind.

Finally, don’t drink and drive. Holidays can be fun get-togethers; however, you should always have a designated driver if you plan on drinking. If you plan on going out to the bars, consider downloading Uber or some other vehicle service app before you head out, and be sure to go with a responsible group.

These are just some of the most important Thanksgiving driving tips to keep in mind.

Check Out These Basic Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage, Every Time You Drive

Whether gas is expensive or cheap, it’s always a good idea to try to increase your gas mileage. Not only will this save you money, but also, you can lower your personal impact on the environment.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some easy ways to get better gas mileage:

  • Keep your car well-maintained, which will allow it to offer the most optimal performance possible.
  • Slow down, within reason. The slower you drive, the more fuel-efficient your vehicle becomes. Avoid going over the speed limit.
  • Check your tire pressure. If your tire pressure is too low, you may be wasting energy. You can find out just how inflated they should be by consulting your owner’s manual.
  • Empty out the back of your vehicle or the trunk. The heavier a car is, the worse its gas mileage becomes.
  • Lastly, stop idling your car. This pointless practice contributes to lower fuel efficiency and can also cause long-term damage to your engine.

Get Better Gas MileageAnd of course, the easiest way of all is to invest in a vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage to begin with, including many of the vehicles we have here at Richard Karr Motors. Visit us anytime to take one out on a test drive!

The New Buick Encore Safety Ratings Declare It One of the Road’s Safest

Buick has always been known for their focus on providing the safest driving experience possible, a fact that has just been reinforced with the new, top-notch safety ratings for the 2017 Buick Encore, a model that has become the third Buick vehicle to earn a 5-Star Safety Rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NHTSA’s 5-Star Safety Program has represented the gold standard in automotive safety for decades, evaluating a vehicle’s ability to keep its driver and passengers safe in the event of a front crash, a side crash, and even a rollover.

the 2017 Buick Encore Safety RatingsThe new Buick Encore scored as highly as possible on the NHTSA’s scale, thanks to its performance in these rigorous tests, as well as the long list of standard safety features that the model has to offer.

Optional safety features in the new Buick Encore also include rear cross-traffic alert, side blind-zone alert, rear park assist, forward collision alert, and lane departure warning – all of which are considered “driver assist” technologies.

Want to learn more about the 2017 Buick Encore safety ratings, or maybe even take the vehicle out on a test drive? Contact us or visit us anytime, here at Richard Karr Motors.

Check Out These Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips Before You Start Your Masterpiece

It is everyone’s favorite time of the year again: fall! As the temperature begins to go down and the leaves begin to get crispy, many fall traditions are sure to be in full swing soon. For one thing, it’s just about time to check out the local pumpkin patch.

Once you’ve picked out your pumpkin (or a few!) and are ready to carve it, be sure to think about these pumpkin carving safety tips:

  • Try to find a pumpkin with a flat bottom that will not roll away from you when placed on a similarly flat surface.
  • Be sure to purchase quality carving tools designed specifically for this purpose, which are less likely to cause injury.
  • Never let children carve pumpkins unsupervised, and be sure to have first-aid materials handy, just in case.
  • Carve your pumpkin in a clean, debris-free area that is well lit, despite the timely, spooky allure of your garage.
  • Lastly, keep a Ziploc bags and garbage bags ready to collect pumpkin seeds or throw away the inside gunk, keeping your carving space free for elbow room.

Here are some pumpkin carving safety tips!
By Man vyi – own photo, Public Domain,

For more safety tips or to start the fall season out behind the wheel of a brand new car, contact us or visit us anytime at Richard Karr Motors.

Stunning Cadillac Escala Concept Shows Off Future Plans

Cadillac recently revealed their latest concept model at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: a larger sedan that shows off Cadillac’s design direction and sleek plans for future models.

The concept model is called the Escala, which is a Spanish word that translates to “scale,” which makes sense, given the model’s larger proportions. It seems with the Escala that Cadillac is going for a more intimidating, James Bond-style vibe.

As far as luxury sedans go, the Cadillac Escala concept is even larger than the newest Cadillac CT6, making it an interesting turn for the automaker. It’s clear that an entire family could fit in this gorgeous model, though it could definitely be driven by a supervillain, too.

The concept model also serves to show off what new tech Cadillac will likely be putting in their upcoming vehicles, including new headlights, a new, futuristic three-screen system, and more. It appears that they have a lot planned for 2017, technology-wise.

Lastly, the Cadillac Escala concept car is powered by an immense 4.2-liter twin turbo V8 engine, which we would love to see in a production version of this car.

For more information on what Cadillac has coming up, or to check out what they currently have in store, contact us or visit us anytime at Richard Karr Motors.

2017 GMC Acadia Introduces Industry-first GMC Rear Seat Reminder

The 2017 GMC Acadia is introducing an innovative feature that will help to save lives: the GMC Rear Seat Reminder. The accidental deaths of children and animals is unfortunately common—sleeping kids in the backseat are easy to forget about when you’re a busy parent, and even leaving them alone for a few minutes can be fatal.

The new Acadia—and probably, other brands and models in the future—is aiming to combat this with Rear Seat Reminder, which keeps track of when backseat doors are opened and reminds the driver to check the backseat when they’ve been opened within 10 minutes of the vehicle being driven.

GMC Rear Seat Reminder in the 2017 AcadiaThe feature doesn’t have radar to detect items in the backseat, so even if the Rear Seat Reminder doesn’t active for whatever reason, it’s important not to grow complacent.

This will also prove helpful in cases of theft, since items forgotten in the backseat are a major target for theft. According to GMC, almost 23% of cases of petty larceny in 2014 were from a car. Half of children under age 14 who die of in-vehicle heatstroke have been forgotten by caretakers.

What is Magnetic Ride Control?

Developed by General Motors in the early 2000s, Magnetic Ride Control is still in use today. First debuting on the 2002 Cadillac Seville STS, the system is in its third generation and is one of the most advanced suspension systems to ever hit the automotive market. Although it may seem complicated, Magnetic Ride Control is relatively easy to understand. Let us here at Richard Karr Motors explain.

Magnetic Ride Control makes use of an Electronic Control Unit and many sensors to read the road up to 1,000 times per second, making it the fastest reacting suspension system on the market. Capable of reading every crack, pothole, twist, and bump as the car crosses it, the system adjusts the shock absorbers accordingly. The end result is a smoother ride with less vibrations and improved cornering.

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 has Magnetic Ride ControlThe shock absorbers themselves are filled with a polymer fluid unique to the Magnetic Ride Control system. That fluid is filled with magnetized iron particles that can change their viscosity from a free-flowing liquid to dense rubber instantaneously. Electromagnetic coils wrap around the shock absorbers and send electric charges through the fluid, allowing it to adjust to road conditions.

Magnetic Ride Control is found in many track-oriented vehicles, including the new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Offering improved handling and a smoother ride, the system is perfect for the track and bumpy country roads alike.

Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions

People talk about driving a stick shift these days with fear in their voices—unless they can drive stick, and then they’re probably making fun of everyone who can’t. Regardless of the Great Divide between manual and automatic drivers, the truth is that there are benefits and drawbacks to both, and which one you decide to drive depends entirely on your driving habits.

The pros of automatic transmissions are obvious. They’re easier to drive. You don’t have to worry about the clutch, and your car will very rarely stall. They’re also more abundant—most cars that have manual transmissions are sports cars or slightly less expensive versions of already less expensive vehicles. For the average driver, automatic probably makes more sense.

manual vs. automaticBut there are definitely reasons to drive stick, too. Driving enthusiasts—the ones driving the manual sports cars—tend to prefer it because manual gives you more control over the drive, which provides more driving fun. Plus, those cheaper versions of cheap cars can make them more accessible to drivers with limited budgets, and they’re easier and less expensive to maintain.

It’s not like it’s a bad idea to learn to drive stick, so if you ever have the chance, give it a shot. You might need that skill in the event of a zombie apocalypse, once everyone’s taken the automatic cars and you’re left to scavenge through the manual Camaros.

GM Express Drive Collaboration with Lyft Expands to New Markets

The GM Express Drive program, which the company has developed in conjunction with the ridesharing service Lyft, plans to expand to several new markets in Colorado and California.

Express Drive is a short-term vehicle access program that was launched earlier this year, the purpose of which is to allow Lyft drivers to access newer and better quality vehicles they can use as they participate in the ridesharing service. GM provides vehicles that drivers rent per week, and the cost of renting goes down the more rides the driver gets. Maintenance and insurance are included in the cost of renting.

Currently the service is available in Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. Lyft plans to extend the service to the San Francisco Bay Area this summer and to Los Angeles and Denver by the fall. More than 100,000 people have applied to be Lyft drivers in these areas, but they couldn’t qualify because their cars weren’t in good enough shape. This is all about to change thanks to Express Drive.

GM Express Drive - 2017 Chevrolet BoltExpress Drive gives drivers access to a wide range of GM vehicles, including the 2017 Chevy Bolt, Chevy’s new electric car that boasts highest range in the non-luxury market, which is due to be released late this year.

Top Three Offbeat Travel Destinations In Texas

Taking a summer road trip? Why not take the road less traveled and visit some of these offbeat travel destinations in Texas?

Marfa Lights – Marfa

Go out to the edge of town in Marfa (they actually have an observation deck), look towards the horizon, and you just might see mysterious flickers of light known officially as the Marfa Lights. What are they? People think that they can’t be electrical because cowboys reported seeing them. Others think they might be the reflection of headlights of cars, but their origin is obviously aliens, right?

Terlingua Ghost Town is an offbeat travel destination in texasTerlingua Ghost Town – Terlingua

What used to be a bustling little silver mining town is now an eerie shadow of its former glory. Go to Terlingua and in the lonely Texan desert you’ll find the remnants of the town, composed of small crumbling structures.

Enchanted Rock – Fredericksburg

Climb atop this beautiful and gargantuan pink granite rock at night and listen to it creak. Scientists say the sounds are result of the rock contracting in the cool night air, but the rest of us think that’s stupid—it’s obviously the lamentations of the ghost of the Tonkawa princess who, according to legend, threw herself off of the rock when she saw her tribe slaughtered.

Forget the Alamo. Aliens and ghosts—that’s what Texas is all about!