GMC Denali Trim Pushes Brand’s Trucks and SUVs to Higher Level

GMC Denali Trim

The GMC brand provides customers with an unprecedented level of “precision,” as the brand’s new marketing campaign of the same name highlights. The attention to detail and professional grade design and materials are nowhere as evident as they are on the GMC Denali trim, the topline trim of the brand’s SUVs and pickup trucks. The reviews of the 2015 Denali trim are in, and they all say the Denali is the best luxury trim available.

The Denali trim adds things like chrome wheels and other chrome accents on the outside, while the inside features soft-touch surfaces, leather seats, and refined design and performance features all across the vehicle. The heavy-duty truck customers seem especially attracted to the Denali line, with 44 percent of all heavy duty trucks sold having the Denali trim. The light-duty trucks, on the other hand, only boast a 12% Denali trim rate.

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