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Tips for Driving on Sand

If you’re just getting into off-roading and you live in the southwest, you’re going to end up taking your car out to the desert sometime—or maybe you plan to drive over to the coast for a visit to the beach. Either way, these tips will help you out!

Sometimes you’ll be driving on very wet sand, which is a landscape most vehicles can manage, but on soft, dry sand, it’s much harder. The most important thing to do before going out on the sand is lowering your tire pressure to 16-18psi. If you’re still getting stuck, keep lowering the pressure until you can get traction, but don’t go below 8psi.

You also need to make sure you don’t lose your momentum—it’s easy to get stuck if you slow down at all, so despite the more difficult handling and slowness, keep your speed up. If you’re driving a 4×4, selecting low-range helps.

Finally, in sunny areas like beaches and sand dunes, wear sunglasses! The glare off the sand will make it hard to see obstacles in your path.

Burgers All Around; Three New Waco Restaurants Set to Arrive

One thing that never gets old is the taste of a good burger. In the next few months, there will be three new Waco restaurants offering their unique flavors to the burger selection right here in town. The California-based company In-N-Out Burger is looking to set up shop with their famous animal-style burgers and cult following somewhere around Interstate 35 and South Fifth Street.

The highly anticipated Twisted Root Burger Company will be taking over the old Texas Playhouse building. On the marquee will be such burgers as the “Frito Bandito,” “Spicy Goat,” and the Texas based company’s own “Big Tex.” Construction on the Twisted Root will begin next month and the first “Big Tex” will be available in time for the autumn driving season.

Last, but not least, Wataburger is looking to open a location near our old Richard Karr dealer location on Lake Air and Valley Mills. We love our new facility here at the “Motor Mile,” but just for old time’s sake it’s a nice drive back to the original lot and soon the new Wataburger burger-joint will be a nice nostalgic lunch destination.

We hope you will be able to get out and enjoy some of these new restaurants to the Waco area, and also be sure to come visit us at Richard Karr Motors.