Car Color Options: What Does Your Car Say About You?

car color options

Ever wonder what your car color says about you? Some people are drawn to specific colors for specific reasons, making car color an important option during the car buying process.

According to Today, these car color options have the following meanings:

  • Black is powerful, classic, and elegant. It is the ultimate color of empowerment.
  • White is pure, pristine, and direct. White car owners know what they want and don’t mind the extra work to keep it clean.
  • Pearl is off-white, making it more glamorous, sophisticated, and exciting. Luxury cars look great in pearl.
  • Silver is futuristic, elegant, and even prestigious. You like high-tech features and elegant styling.
  • Red is sensual, dynamic, and definitely outgoing. Most red car owners are bold.
  • Blue represents calm, perseverant, and truthful personalities. Blue car owners might be more shy, but they’re often more friendly as well.

These are just the basic colors, but everyone has its own meaning. While these colors may represent common traits, individual owners each have their unique personalities that can’t be summed up by one color. Nonetheless, your car’s color might speak volumes to other people.

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